Split Rail Fence Products

Kuhns Bros. Lumber Co.’s split rail fence products are the right choice to beautify your property, define
your boundaries and enclose your livestock. If you are looking for fence products with consistent size, longevity, low maintenance and made of 100% natural wood... you’ve found it at Kuhns Bros Lumber Co.

We produce 11’ Eastern Hemlock Rails with a 4” round face used primarily for livestock fencing and a 3” round face rail primarily used for decorative or landscape fencing.

Our Split Rail Posts are made from White Oak lumber and are available in three styles:

  • Center Line Post – 3x6x6’ or 7’
  • Corner Post – 4x4x6’ or 7’
  • End Post – 4x4x6’ or 7’

Both styles are available in two, three or four hole posts with square cut or dog ear tops (locust posts are also available in limited quantities upon request).

While our rails and posts are available non-treated, Eastern Hemlock and White Oak offer natural properties that allow both products to be decay resistant. Our products will age over time to give your fence a very attractive silver gray appearance while having years of maintenance free fencing. No matter what your choice may be we guarantee that our fence products are made of 100% natural wood and are 100% eco‐friendly.

Our rails are available for purchase in tractor trailer load quantities (16 units, 1,600 pcs) or mixed loads with posts, delivery is available to your yard or jobsite. We also supply small quantity custom orders upon request (less than tractor trailer loads).

For more information on our fence products availability and pricing, please contact the Lumber Sales department at 1‐800‐326‐9542.

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