At Kuhns Bros. Lumber we produce custom sawn Eastern Hemlock lumber and timbers to meet your needs. We are one of few saw mills in Pennsylvania to have a saw mill dedicated solely to service the Hemlock lumber industry; where we produce over 5 million board feet of Hemlock lumber annually.

Our Eastern Hemlock lumber is used primarily for barn framing, roofing, wood siding, fencing, landscape products, mushroom growing, tractor trailer floors, boxes, crates and pallets. You can be assured that no matter what product you are looking for, we will do what it takes to supply you with the quality lumber you deserve.

Below is a list of hemlock products that we currently offer to the softwood lumber industry:

  • Construction Grade Timbers: 30’ maximum length
  • 1” Boards: Construction Lumber, Mushroom Boards and Pallet Lumber
  • Fence Boards: 1”x6”x12’s (Double End Trimmed) and 1”x6”x16’s
  • Raw material for tractor trailer floors: 1‐1/2”x8”x16’,18’ and 20’s
Custom orders are our specialty. For more information on our Hemlock lumber, availability and pricing, contact our Lumber Sales department at 1‐800‐326‐9542.
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